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Kheengz - Wow (Melone's Cover)

Had to put on a suit for this one
Shout out to bro uzay....
Aporrel polo

YFK (yeah)
A young legend in the making (yfk)
Real G no faking
I hear lot if dudes saying they're Kings
I just don't get it with this obsession of they wanting to be me (huh)
You don't want me to diss you
Head shot when I shoot John Wick with the pistol
I see competition coming up, what I do?
I keep calm zero tension kaman dawisu
Cause as far as northern rap goes i'm as good as they come
Scratch that i'm the best it has to offer
I am the SI unit of measurement
If you think you better then raise your hands up (thought as much)

Makiya na yaya dai
I'm finna drop ah see the fans salivating
Suna kira na Yallabai
Cause I be on your streets disturbing your peace kaman me kwalabai
With the pen he's ill I'm penicillin
To the sick who thinks there are better than kheengz (hell of a fantacy)
Not on my level we from different pedigrees
The difference between me and you is (let me see)
He's an undergraduate...
You're chasing your masters...
I am the master
I own my masters
I worry about charts while you worry about semesters
I pull up in a Benzo while you pull up in a mazda

Ha, they bump thier head kaman kadangare
Iyawa na yayi yawa suna roko in dan rake
Ni professor ne... kuma kai kana secondary
Deliver any time of the day ko cikin tsakar dare
Sakarai, mun gama kawai kazo ka kankare
I go had when I rap suna cemun hankali
Wai I don waka tire kaman naci kafar kare
Kafin in gane whats happening I became a somebody.

Uh, did it by myself thou
Had to sew my own cape
Had to be my own hero
Harry Potter with the quill na zama maye da biro
Mess with me and end up in shiloh
Iced out you can spot me from a block away
Amoshine state of mind I deserve some accolades
Trying to live up my name in this rapping game
Either be the king or be the pawn(obidi pon) baby sarkodie
I'm tryna find my next client
Its more than the music trying to build an Empire
See em acting like I aint fire
How ironic with every bar I drop I raise it higher