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BOC - Sir Abubakar ft Abyssinia

I wish to make our position plain beyond any measure of doubt with regard to the African Continent.
Ji mana... Ku Tsaya Guys
We in Nigeria appreciate the advantages which the size of our country and its population give us, but we have absolutely no aggressive intentions. (word)

Wa talakawa suke bi su cire loma a baki
Ji nake kamar kaf gomnatin in jefa a rafi
Amma fa kafin kukai karar Bokola Saraki
Kusan da cewa zaku iya ku koma da tsaki
Koyarwar Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa ne tambarin mu
Bauchi har yau muna matukar rasa ran gwanin mu
Ta dalilin sa ne duniya suka san garin mu
Al'adun mu da kyaun halin mu
Yanzu nazo ne in maida gurbi
Kamin zolayar takai ga wurgi
Har takai ga yarda rai a kurmi

This aint the legacy he built
Now adays our leaders prophecy is guilt
Good days gone
True Democracy is killed
When you live proper the true philosophy is mill
But the truth is
With grove am gonna get rich well
Sorry who's this
But looting up ain't this Bussiness
In this game thing fitness is whats called sickness
Is it gonna be worth it if we all risk it
To be the godly architect of a new Pyramid
And learn about the object in just a few syllable
Your knowledge most be a crude one
If you steal a book
My city still wanna know who killed the truth
But the truth never die
Sorry you step aside
6 to 6 I was murdered
Through the roof am back alive

We shall never impose ourselves on any other country and shall treat every African Territory, big or small, as our equal because we honestly feel that it is only on that basis of equality that peace can be maintained in our world.

Dedicating the truth
And Activating the movement
This is one of the truth
That we have been keeping it real since
The past tence through the presure in the future
All my N*ggas just a step away from grabbing Rucas
This ain't what the culture Nurture
But Reality favor the right of the weak needs
Against the strongest of Nations
The rich against the poor
And the The poor against the neighbors
Holy blocks around the corner
Hope another n*gga crumbled
Economy disabled to put my n*ggas on labels
Save the horses but we table
Ain't no horses for the Angels
The system is designed to put a lock on that mento
Taking 100 grands fry less than what to feed you
The legacy of the father getting fresh by a gang of rubbers
Nuke on the drop
Dropping Nukes on the few survivors
Don't need a bitch to get a 100 problems
Revolution on my mind while reciting the Anthem
N*ggas take advantage of fund in another Huffing
There is a war its a war
We dont love you for a truce (no way)
Beehive get busy on that sound track
Never piece of choir just the mother fvcking North Side (north side)
There is a war its a war
Just the mother fvcking North Side
There is a war its a war
There... There is a war its a war
(There is a war its a war...)

As we are about to see further is a Royal flight corresponding to roam for independence, which specs represent the colonial era and the civilian rule. Taking one down to full light in Nigeria's Independence