Dont Know Morell?
Here Is The Revealing Interview That Will Put You Through.

Q. So can you quickly give us some background information about yourself?
A. In a nutshell I would say I’m an artist, full name Musa (MorelL)Akila from Borno State, Hawul local government, with roots as a singer/performer-songwriter. I was born in the northern part of Nigeria, but owing to my late father’s occupation we kind of grew up traveling the four regions of Nigeria, I studied creative arts at the University of Maiduguri, and majored in theater arts, and currently practicing what I know how to do best, music.

Q. How would you describe your style of music?
A. My music is really an amalgamation of many different styles; due to the kind of songs  I grew up listening to, but out of all I find hip-hop and RnB more interesting so that’s what I do, and  I am most passionate about them. I introduce the African rhythm to it…..

Q. What is your inspiration?
A. I’d say my inspiration stems from God first, my hurt and pains, everything and everyone around me that is the people, situations. Of course, my family and friends contribute to my songwriting, because I write from my experiences (or theirs!); and my producers as well, it could be anything really it depends on the moment…you know how I feel in my heart!

Q. At what age did you realize that singing was a career path you wanted to follow?
A. I actually started off writing and recording rap music when I was 16, and in 2002 Blast a hip-hop producer in Abuja overheard me singing one day in quest media studios, and he deleted ma rap songs from his system and told me to forget about rapping ….whoa!! I felt disrespected even though he’s my big bro, you know rappers and their pride I felt he meant my rhymes were weak….(laughs) but trust me from the day I recorded my first r n b I never stopped loving the feeling…

Q. Do you have any song out?
A. Yes I have three songs enjoying airplay….Aboki, Oxygen, and Partyhardremix, plus I have also done features and collabo’s with several Nigerian musicians like Naeto C, he featured me on his album (U KNOWMY P) track 15 ‘bamilo’, move something with Ruggedman,…other great artistes includes OD, TerryThaRapman,  JesseJagz, GhettoP, Pheroshuz, and recently with Kay Oresanya (the human saxophone) of Britain’s got talent ……and so on……

Q. Can you tell us a little about your songs?
A. Well my,Aboki (produced by Maestro) actually means ‘friend’ in Hausa, and that’s what the northerners are called in Lagos, though some Hausa men find that offensive, so the song actually defines the true meaning of the word and also preaches unity amongst Nigerians, Aboki is actually a brand u can see his costume abi? (laugh) … then oxygen(produced by Mr.Seth) is actually a known word but I gave it a different meaning in the song, give oxygen meaning bad people should give me space. It’s actually a song about my journey through life currently number two on the Cool FM top ten…..and then party hard, a song by Doneo but we did the remix produced by Gospel, one of the best producers in Nigeria, and its actually enjoying air play as well…. Most Dj’s say they prefer it to the original…. (Laughs) no disrespect but we actually revived the song. Ganga Da Garaya is a song dear to my heart it was done in Hausa; I had never done a song fully in Hausa. I had never done it before and I wanted to try something different so Danja, the producer and I did it. I sent it to my team and everyone loved it so we put it out as single in the North. The response has been good and encouraging.

Q. What has been your greatest challenge?
A. I handle almost everything independently; sometimes I feel like quitting, it’ll really take a very brave heart to walk in my shoes but so far God has been good to me.cos once I start feeling that way the lord puts a new song in my heart so I guess is a blessing,….but mmmm as we all know the entertainment industry, it isn’t easy to crack so you really have to fight to carve a niche… I guess those are the challenges I face as an ‘UNDISCOVEREDTALENT'

Q. What should we be expecting from you in the near future?
A. Wonderful things I hope! I have an album in process, that includes many beautiful songs…… and expect to interview me when I win those big awards soon……. Cos am heading straight to the skies and I won’t stop till recognize the force ‘MORELL’…………….