Arewa lyrics is a lyrics-dedicated website in Nigeria, founded in August, 2016. The site’s database contains over a thousand lyrics of songs performed by over 250 different Arewa Artists.
Arewa Lyrics is also termed to be the first lyrics dedicated site in the World which offers the largest collection of Hausa Music’s Lyrics. Arewa Lyrics is also among the fastest growing Websites in Nigeria with an Average of 2,000 page views per day as of Nov, 2016 (two months after it was lunched)
One of the features that makes Arewa Lyrics different from other Lyrics portal is the main feature of its Homepage, The Newly Added Lyrics. It is a great way of discovering some cool music you never knew About.

What Makes Us Special:
  • ·        We have the Largest Collection of Hausa Music lyrics in the world
  • ·        You can listen to a song online as you read its lyrics.
  • ·        You can also download the Audio or video of the Music as well as its Lyric (in PDF format).
  • ·        We create a lyrics video for every lyric in our Database that you can watch on YouTube or Download.
  • ·        Navigating Arewa Lyrics is quite easy due to the search option that allows you to search any part of a lyric that you remember.
  • ·        Viewers can post their lyric or music for free.
  • ·        Our users can also submit a correction to the Lyrics they found faulty.
  • ·        We give our Readers the opportunity to request a lyrics that is not yet on our catalog.
  • ·        Readers can also write their thoughts on what an Artist was trying to get across in writing his song

Arewa Lyrics is developed and run by Al-WahbiMedia, which is owned by Al-Wahbi Incorporation. Abdul Qadir Ahmed Al-Wahbi is the founder of Al-Wahbi Inc. which started in 2012 as Al-Wahabbi Group While he was still at high school.

Contacting Us 
If there are any questions regarding this website or any of our programmes you can contact us using the following information.
Phone: +2348163853279
E-Mail: arewalyrics@gmail.com
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